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Vlone x City Morgue Dogs White Hoodie

Vlone x City Morgue Dogs White Hoodie

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The Vlone x City Morgue Dogs White Hoodie is a stylish and fashion-forward piece that captures attention. The front of the hoodie showcases City Morgue graphics with drips going down it, adding a unique touch to the design. On the back, you'll find a bold illustration of two dogs fighting, symbolizing strength and power. Additionally, an oversized Vlone logo boasts the brand's iconic logo, making a bold statement. This hoodie offers both style and comfort with its high-quality construction. Made with premium materials, it provides a cozy and soft feel against the skin. The white color adds versatility, allowing you to easily pair it with different outfits. Embrace the streetwear aesthetic with the Vlone x City Morgue Dogs White Hoodie, a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and fans of both brands. Whether you're looking to make a statement or simply elevate your style, this hoodie delivers. Show your appreciation for unique and bold designs with this eye-catching piece.

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